Heart’s Desire

Heart’s Desire

Zandex’s Heart’s Desire program is modeled after the “Make a Wish” foundation. Every month at every Zandex facility, residents put special wishes into a hat and a wish is drawn out. Most wishes are easy to fulfill: lunch out with a friend; a Sunday visit to the church they attended for years; a trip to a sporting event. But sometimes the wishes are more difficult, like the gentleman who wanted to go Bungee Jumping! Yes—he went! Some of the more remarkable wishes we’ve fulfilled include:

  • A Carribean cruise to swim with the dolphins
  • A platinum tour of Elvis’s Graceland in Memphis
  • A trip to Las Vegas to see the showgirls
  • Flying a son in from across the country for a visit
  • Hawaii!!
  • A trip to a family reunion in Tennesee
  • A beach vacation with family to Ocean Isle, North Carolina

Alice Shunk knew what she wanted as soon as she saw the advertisement on TV.  She wanted to go see the new Easter movie HOP.  “I thought the movie looked like fun, and I just really wanted to see it,” said Alice.  She happened to mention it  to her caregiver and before you know it word got back to the activity director, Brenda Webb, and a conspiracy was underway to get Alice to the movie.  A few days later, our Heart’s Desire crew met Alice in the lounge and said, “”Alice, we want to get you ready to go.”‘ “”Go where,”” asked Alice.  “”To see the movie HOP and then out to your favorite restaurant!”” Alice was excited and the evening was a lot of fun.  Another wish fulfilled for the Heart’s Desire team!

Alice at the Theater

 Your 65th wedding anniversary doesn’t come around every day.  And when the Heart’s Desire team heard that Liz and Dale’s 65th anniversary was coming up, they knew they wanted to make it special.  Liz and Dale were high school sweethearts.  After graduation, Dale joined the Air Force.  He proposed to Liz, who said yes!  But Dale was unable to get leave to come home for the wedding.  Finally, Liz flew to Jackson, Mississippi where they were married at the base chapel.  Soon after, Dale was depoyed overseas to Paris, France.  During their married life they lived in Jackson, MS, Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY before moving back to Martins Ferry, where they spent most of their 65 years.  Dale worked for Sterling Drug making Novocain and other drugs and Liz worked for Scott Lumber Company.  Each year to celebrate their anniversary, Liz and Dale would go to Red Lobster and order their favorite meal.  So, for their 65th anniversary, The activity staff at Forest Hill planned a special celebration for Dale and Liz: A beautifully decorated table with wine and their favorite meal from Red Lobster.  And for the happy couple, a picture of their wedding day was placed in a specially engraved frame, the inscription marking their 65th anniversary.  It was a special evening!

Liz Displays Their Wedding Photo

Mary Batton was very excited when she heard the Royal Lippizaner Stallions were coming to Wheeling.  When our Heart’s Desire team found out how excited she was, they knew what had to be done.  Tickets to the world famous show were purchased, and Mary and the crew were off to see the amazing performance.