I’m writing to let you know that I am doing very well and making great progress.  I have physical therapy three times a week here in the home.  I am walking upwards of 500 feet each day and I am even walking backwards (without falling, no less!) at quite a good speed.  My therapist credits a lot of my progressive performance with the fine base care and rehab that I received from you and the rest of your wonderful staff at Forest Hills.  So, “Thank You” and please express my gratitude to everyone.  I am convinced that all of you are blessed with a dedicated and unselfish spirit and the success you achieve with each patient is a direct result of that dedication in doing a most difficult job.  With Sincere Respect and Gratitude–M.Z.

[We] wanted to share with you the deep appreciation we have for the compassionate and loving care provided to our mother.  We were witness to your staff going above and beyond on many occaisions, and especially appreciated nurses Joy and Leona.  Really, everyone was incredible and provided our mother with dignity, comfort and kindness.  We extend our deepest appreciation and thanks.–J.&B.P.

I want to thank ALL of you for the excellent care my mom received at your facility.  When looking for a place for mom, my wife kept saying Forest Hill.  She was right!  We have nothing but positive comments about your facility.  The food and care was second to none and the entire staff was so compassionate.  A special thank you to Casie, Kelly and Joy.  –N.P.

We want to thank you for the loving care and support you gave [our loved one] through the years. Your efforts allowed him to maintain a high quality of life until the end. Thank you for everything.–S. & C.D.

Our lives have been touched by so many caring and compassionate people at Forest Hill/Beacon House both professionally and personally. Again, thank you so very much for all you do. S.D.

There is no way we will ever be able to express our thanks for the wonderful care and love you showed Mom.–G.W.

This is a thank you to all the wonderful nurses and staff and physical therapy techs at Forest Hill. I was there for three separate stays this year of 2013. I was treated like a relative or good friend instead of a client. It really helped through some difficult times.–R.R

To the staff–You were so concerned and caring and went beyond when mom needed you. I’ll be forever grateful. She loved all of you!! Your compassion and caring tells it all. From the kitchen to the therapy staff to the beauty salon to the aids, nursing staff and office. Every one was great! Thank You!! –N.R.

I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful, caring staff at Forest Hill.  I’ve had 2 clinicals there now and the nurses, aides and cafeteria employees couldn’t be more helpful.  They honestly look out for the residents, and are so helpful in answering all of our questinos!  Just thought you should know!! –J.D.

On behalf  of my family I want to thank each and every one of you for the 10 years of love and care you gave to my grandmother.  You truly were part of her family.  She told me weekly of the comings and goings of so many of  you.  The kindness you bestowed upon her went above and beyond the call. –M.A.

It was a very difficult decision for my brothers and me to have dad placed at Forest Hill, but we soon realized it was the right one.  The staff was always helpful and dad’s care was excellent.  His care was very personalized and that was important to us. –K.C.

After dealing with your staff and seeing on an ongoing basis the care that not only my father received, but all the residents received, we feel that, should the need arise for this type of care in the future for either a family member or friend, we will be the first to step up and recommend your fine facility. –G.J.

We would like for you to know how much we appreciate the many acts of kindness and caring that you provided.  Special thanks go to the nursing staff who has exhibited patience and concern. –B. & S. A.

When we brought Dad to you we had feelings of guilt for not caring for him ourselves and concern that he would not receive the kind of treatment we would want him to receive.  As time passed, our concern for his care disappeared.  It was obvious that he was cared for.  I don’t think it ever occured to us that he would receive love as well. –E.D.

You are a very kind bunch of ladies.  [My husband] could never have had better care if he was home. –G.J.

We were secure in knowing that [Mom] was so well cared for. –D.B. N. & N.

You made a difference in J.’s life and helped her to cope with a difficult situation.  You brought happiness and comfort, maintained her dignity and became her extended family.  She loved you for it. –J. S. Family

[Dad] often told me how well he was treated and how everyone took such good care of him. –M.V.

How can we possibly thank you for the care you gave our Mother.  There just aren’t enough words to express how we feel.  She was always treated with such dignity, respect, love and compassion by everyone. –E.C.

Your willingnesss to go the extra mile to help ensure mother’s health and safety is appreciated more than you know. –P.M.

I can’t tell you enough about the great care you gave [My Loved One] and myself.  Thank you so much for that. –K.